Fuel Security

With over 40 years of experience, fuel security is the foundation FuelMaster was built on.

EMV Compliance

Get your point-of-sale operation in EMV compliance with our latest FuelMaster credit card unit.


Monitor your fleet and driver data with our latest telematics solution to maximize your fleet performance.


Fuel | Fleet | Data

We pride ourselves in providing customized solutions to secure your fuel, maximize your fleet performance, and manage all of your fuel and fleet data in real time on any web-enabled device.

FMLive Experience

Since 2017, Syntech has experienced great success with our latest cloud-hosted technology, FMLive. With the widespread adoption by the Department of Homeland Security, and over 200 commercial customers, FMLive is the future of the fuel and fleet management industry.

Fuel Gallons Tracked

Telematic Devices

Fuel Tanks Monitored

Total Equipment Tracked

Mobile Fueling and GPS

Break free with our latest mobile fueling solutions with GPS capabilities.


Access to your fuel and fleet data in real time on any web enabled device with our new cloud-hosted software.

Data Encryption

Your fuel and fleet data is secure with the most advanced, federally mandated, FIPS140-2 data encryption.


Customized to your Operation

Each FuelMaster unit is configured for optimal performance for your fueling operation. Our fuel and fleet solutions are designed to be backward compatible setting up your future success with a path to upgrade.

Overall Experience

Over the last 40 years, Syntech has achieved success in securing and automating government and commercial fuel markets with customers ranging from the U.S. Federal Government and Fortune 500 companies to your local municipalities and schools. Syntech is proud to support all of our customers and will continue to create solutions in innovative ways.

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Tracking Devices

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