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Reasonable Accommodation Notice

Federal law requires employers to provide reasonable accommodation to qualified individuals with disabilities. Please tell us if you require a reasonable accommodation to apply for a job or to perform your job. Examples of reasonable accommodation include making a change to the application process or work procedures, providing documents in an alternate format, using a sign language interpreter, or using specialized equipment.

Substance Abuse Policy

I understand that Syntech Systems, Inc. has a commitment to maintaining an alcohol/drug-free workplace and that Syntech Systems, Inc. unless prohibited by state law, requires a drug screening test as a part of its selection and hiring process.

I understand that such drug screening will consist of the testing of urine or oral fluid sample or other medically recognized test designed to detect traceable amounts of a controlled substance in my body. If it is determined my specimen contains a controlled substance or was altered or substituted, I will be disqualified from consideration for employment and any offer of employment will be withdrawn. I further understand and agree that if I am employed, I may be required to submit to alcohol/drug-testing under certain circumstances during my employment.

I verify that I understand I must take the drug test, and I herein consent to such test, as this company deems appropriate. I further consent to allow the results of such testing to be released to STS or its authorized agents or representatives who have a need to know. If I am an applicant, and if I take, but fail, the drug test, I will be ineligible for employment with Syntech. If I am an employee, I understand that failure to pass the drug test will be grounds for disciplinary action up to and including termination.

Applicant's Statement

I certify that the information on this application is correct and valid for the position applied for at present and I understand that any misrepresentation or omission of any information will result in my disqualification from consideration for employment or, if employed, my dismissal. I further understand that Syntech Systems, Inc is not obligated to retain or consider this application for future openings. I agree to authorize Syntech to secure information about my experience with former employers, education institutions and agencies, and for those parties to provide information concerning my experience, releasing all parties from any liability arising there from, and I waive any and all claims I might have with respect to the providing of such information. I authorize investigation of all statements contained in the application.

I hereby understand and acknowledge that unless otherwise defined by applicable law, any employment relationship with this organization is of an at will nature, which means that the Employee may resign at any time and the Employer may discharge employee at any time with or without cause, unless otherwise required by law. It is further understood that this at will employment relationship may not be changed by any written document or by conduct unless such change is specifically acknowledged in writing by an authorized executive of this organization.

I further understand that I am required to abide by all policies, rules and regulations of the employer. I understand and expressly agree that if employed by Syntech, Inc., all office space, equipment, and storage areas provided for me are open to investigation by Syntech Systems, Inc. without prior notice to me.

I certify that I have read and understand the foregoing and to the best of my knowledge and belief, the information on this application form is true and correct.

Smoking in the Workplace

Syntech Systems, Inc. is a smoke-free workplace. Syntech feels smokers may have a negative impact on the company due to decreased productivity and increased health-care costs, and to protect the Company from possible future liability. Syntech's policy is that there is no smoking allowed within the building, on the property, or premises. There will be no smoking breaks allowed at any time.

I do hereby certify that I understand Syntech is a drug-free, smoke-free workplace. I further understand that as a Syntech employee, my failure to comply with the smoke-free, drug-free workplace policy will be grounds for disciplinary action, including possible termination.

Social Media Search

I authorize and understand that Syntech may review all social media sites for information about me with the understanding that such a query is undertaken to ensure that I have not engaged in any inappropriate or unprofessional behaviors that are contrary to the mission of the Organization.

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