Features and Benefits

Real Time

Ability to view fuel transactions, fuel inventory, and system diagnostic information in real time on any web-enabled device; no downloading or polling required.

Passive Updates

Allows software and firmware upgrades to be deployed without taking your systems offline.

Business Intelligence

Reporting tools give users the insight necessary to run operations effectively and efficiently; reports can be automatically generated and emailed to managers.


Inventory Management

Instant access to tank inventories and alarms allows managers to track every drop of fuel in and out of tanks ensuring real-time inventory reconciliation.


Enhanced Monitoring

Cloud-hosting allows for system monitoring and proactive troubleshooting with no IT interaction.

Fleet Integration

Transactional data can be exported to most fleet maintenance or accounting programs.



Enterprise application guarantees data integrity and confidentiality; all transactions are secured from point-of-sale to the FMLive enterprise.



No matter how large or small your fueling operations may be, FMLive can be sized to fit your individual needs.